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It all started as a secret family recipe, and today Tapatio is a well-respected brand and popular, recognizable hot sauce, around the world. The Tapatio brand organically grew recognition in the marketplace, and they needed a website that reflected their success. Before, their digital presence was not representing the brand. At first glance, you wouldn’t believe that it was for the special hot sauce that we all love. Devise came in to give the website the makeover it deserved. We also worked with Tapatio to roll out an online store to provide fans with branded memorabilia like shirts, mugs, and even toys.


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With our experience in branded websites, Tapatio and Devise were a perfect partnership. Our teams met, and agreed to kick off a high-level impactful design to showcase their brand, highlight their product, and tell story properly. The new design helped push Tapatio and their brand recognition into the digital realm.

It was important to create unique content types to resonate with their audience. We created a fun way for Tapatio lovers to try popular recipes featuring their favorite hot sauce right in their own kitchen. We also knew that we needed to pay homage to the origin of Tapatio - the family secret sauce. Users on the website can cruise through a timeline showing Tapatio’s incredible evolution since 1971. All features and functions of the site are compatible across all mobile and tablet devices as well.

Our involvement also included improving their images – both through taking new photography and enhancing existing photos. The final website is beautiful. Tapatio has already seen improvements in sales, and we have taken note of longer visitor stays within the website.

And finally, our teams executed the new initiative of launching an online store. We implemented eCommerce functionality where users can make purchases directly from the website and even hold a Tapatio user-account.

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Old Tapatio Website Before Devise Interactive New Tapatio Website After Devise Interactive


The Devise team created a clean, responsive website that will improve Tapatio’s online presence through high-quality photography, unique content types, and eCommerce functionality.

Tapatio New Website
Tapatio Hot Sauce
Tapatio Hot Sauce on Production
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